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Heenan went under the surgical knife once again in 2015 for an undisclosed issue, his longtime friend and colleague “Mean” Gene Okerlund tweeted.

Grant took an unorthodox approach to his cabinet choices , declining to consult with the Senate and keeping his choices secret until he submitted them for confirmation. [7] [8] Grant purposely avoided choosing Republican Party leaders in an effort to create national harmony. [9] Grant appointed Elihu B. Washburne Secretary of State, who served only twelve days before resigning over claims of ill-health. [10] [9] [11] Having the diplomatic clout of being a former Secretary of State, Grant appointed Washburne Minister to France. To replace Washburne, Grant appointed the talented New Yorker Hamilton Fish Secretary of State, who would become Grant's most successful cabinet officer. [9] His relationship with Fish grew out of a strong friendship between the two men's wives. [12] Grant appointed New York businessman . Stewart Secretary of Treasury, however, Stewart, although confirmed by the Senate, was disqualified from taking office, since as a commercial merchant, he was lawfully prevented from becoming Secretary of Treasury due to a 1789 statute. Senator Charles Sumner and Senator Roscoe Conkling , in opposition to Grant, refused to amend the law to allow Stewart's appointment. In place of Stewart, Grant appointed Radical George S. Boutwell Secretary of Treasury. [13] For Secretary of War, Grant appointed his long time Army staff officer John A. Rawlins , who died in office of tuberculosis a few months into his tenor. To replace Rawlins, Grant appointed William W. Belknap Secretary of War, on recommendation of William T. Sherman . [14] Grant appointed Adolph E. Borie Secretary of Navy, who after finding the department complex to run, secretly resigned, only serving a few months. Grant then appointed a relatively unknown New Jersey lawyer George M. Robeson Secretary of Navy to replace Borie. Grant's other cabinet appointments— Jacob D. Cox (Interior), John Creswell (Postmaster General), and Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar (Attorney General)—were well-received and uncontroversial. [15] [a] In total, Grant replaced four cabinet officers during his first year in office including Washburne, Stewart, Rawlins, and Borie.

Here's five of Heenan and Monsoon's best bits, from a surreal hike in the woods to the Brain's shining moment: a sour-pussed visit to a Toledo, Ohio, hot-dog joint.

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In 1999 viewers of Channel 4 voting for the 100 Greatest TV Moments placed the gorilla sequence at number 12 — ranking it ahead of Queen Elizabeth II 's coronation and the wedding of Charles and Diana .

Gorilla Monsoon - Demonstrating HeavienessGorilla Monsoon - Demonstrating HeavienessGorilla Monsoon - Demonstrating HeavienessGorilla Monsoon - Demonstrating Heavieness